Any qualifications or prior experience you have for being part of PROSAF:

I have often given career development advice in my professional life, that you do not have to choose just one of your talents at the expense of the others; that you can aim to incorporate your interests and proficiencies into one general purpose.

Admittedly, I have long struggled with choosing between following my corporate traditional ambitions and that of the innate desire to counsel and enrich others’ lives. Heeding my own advice and purposefully modelling the way for my children, I know now though, that these are not mutually exclusive and I am always actively seeking ways in which to fully integrate my interests and the following training that I have attained:


BSc Psychology with Social Policy Administration
MSc Human Resource Management


Professional Counselling Diploma
Certified Sexual Assault Counselor/Victim Advocate
Certified Professional Life Coach
Conflict Resolution & Mediation Certification
Certification in The Heart of Coaching – Using Transformational Coaching to Create High Performance Cultures
Length of experience in this field (Human Health/ Rights Service):

I have always worked with people, in a helping role.

I have been a practicing counsellor and life coach, for the past two years, working with clients to navigate through personal challenges, traumatic experiences and getting to a place of acceptance, validation and love for self.

I also have fourteen years experience as a Human Resource Management Specialist with an extensive background in various aspects of People Management and Development, including organisational & industrial psychology, group dynamics and leadership & performance coaching.

Your philosophy as a member:

We are all miracles in motion! Everything that has led us to who we are in this moment is testimony of our resilience, courage and evolution.

As a PROSAF member, I am honoured to hold space for you, as you are, right now and play a part in this miracle that is YOU.

Any other relevant groups you belong to:

Labajou Healing – a provider of integrative wellness and a space for positivity, motivation and whole healing.

And fun facts/extra curricular activities you want to share:

I own a boutique home bakery, where I am able to express my creativity through sweet & savoury baked treats.

I am also a poet, and use writing and art as an outlet for documenting my life experiences, my hopes and hidden thoughts.