About Us

Surviving Sexual Abuse in the Caribbean

About Us

Surviving Sexual Abuse in the Caribbean is specifically responsible for creating a positive and supportive environment for speaking out against sexual assault and other forms of sexual abuse in St. Lucia and the wider Caribbean.

It aims to draw attention to the various issues that are related to living through various types of sexual violence and to provide support and resources for survivors in St.Lucia & the wider Caribbean.


1. Providing a supportive environment for survivors of all types of sexual violence.
2. Providing resources and avenues for help.
3. Educating society on the prevalence and signs of Sexual Violence in the Caribbean.
4. Educating survivors on the legal aspects as they pertain to Sexual Violence
5. Encouraging women to find their voices and speak out.
6. Helping to build more independent, strong young women.
7. Helping to change how society views and reacts to survivors of Sexual Violence

Minimal Benefits

1. Empowering women
2. Increasing Awareness of Sexual Violence
3. Increasing Awareness of latent issues surrounding sexual assault
4. Creating more support for survivors


The PROSAF team members would like to express sincere gratitude to their mentors and supporters for listening and encouraging their first steps:

Venezia Michalsen
Fremont Lawrence
Toshadevi Nataraj (Formally Auslin Lawrence)
Gajanan Nataraj (Formally Vanore Lawrence)
Lily Lawrence
Lamar Sifflet
Bashana Dayes
Jason Lang
Christopher Hackshaw
Laura Lau
Rebecca Hayes
Kimia Karrera
Alexander Calderon

Support PROSAF

There are many ways that you can assist, from donations to volunteering your time.