Any qualifications or prior experience you have for being part of PROSAF:

Being a survivor of child sexual abuse and intimate partner sexual abuse and being exposed to domestic violence gave me first hand experience into the spectrum of needs and responses for our individual and collective Victim Validation.

As a writer and creative expression artist I had always been passionate about learning and exploring new ways to address sensitive issues to address painful experiences in my own Self and for those around me.

Studying the human psyche from the vantage point of our educational systems of governance was vital to understanding where the field actually is in relation to our dreams and passionate intent for survivors and supporters of survivors.

Connecting my life experience of volunteerism from high school to my studies at university made PROSAF easy to create.

Length of experience in this field(Human Health/ Rights Service):

I’ve been on the giving and receiving end of outreach work for 20 yrs – being involved in community projects from very young.

Professionally I have been serving for 15 years in and out of schools and clinics and corporate environments.

Your philosophy as an member:

I live by an internal (shared) code that we are all whole even though we are enduring excruciatingly painful and seemingly devastating life and learning experiences and we deserve compassion in our education and health-care systems for helping each other share realized strengths or solutions or points of resolve.

Any other relevant groups you belong to:

Smyle Therapy Network- Emotional Support For Dental Heath

PROSAF forms independent collaborations with all support services in need of our specified support

And fun facts/extra curricular activities you want to share:

I am a writer and a singer and an intuitive Self-Amplification artist.