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Our Stories

Our stories make us who we are, and helped shape PROSAF into what it is today. It is our hope that by sharing our stories with you, we can help you understand that you are not alone…

Souyenne Hackshaw

Sexual Abuse isn’t something we are told or taught about in St.Lucia or the wider Caribbean. When you are growing up there are no mentions of people touching you in the special place, of people’s comments or actions being too sexual, or what you should do if someone makes you uncomfortable when touching you. We are not warned that strangers are not our only enemies but that family and friends are also capable of damage…

Velika Lawrence

The community atmosphere in St. Lucia is not as encouraging for its citizens as it could be. For such a small nation with such great potential, it is really saddening to return home to questions like, “What does St. Lucia have to offer?, Are you sure you want to come back to this place considering the economy and the ignorant people; Are you sure you’ll find work because St.Lucia isn’t ready for you yet?”…

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